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     Charm, Luxury, Sophistication, Comfort, Exclusivity, Elegance and Fascinated.

     Dive into an uninhabited island in an archipelago blessed in front of the World's most famous beach (Copacabana). A sailing between Forts (Fort St. John Fort Lage and Fortaleza Santa Cruz), who defended one of the most important and sought-after Bay of XV and XVI (Guanabara Bay). A unique insight into the most beautiful tourist spots in the world (Sugar Loaf and Corcovado). Luxury car to the ground segment. It seems a dream? Well enjoy what life has more unique is its scope. Do not miss this opportunity!

     The same marina´s service in Monaco, Estoril, Monte Carlo, Mallorca, Mediterranean and Greek Isles is offered in Rio de Janeiro.

The Private Class includes:

- Pick-up and transfer by luxury car (Chrysler 300c Hemi Touring), from hotel to the Marina da Gloria and return to hotel*;
- Drink and basket of snacks Welcome
- Beer, Soda and water on board during the tour,
- Tour to 6 hours browsing the tourist point of Guanabara Bay, Archipelago Cagarras and Itaipu (leaving Gloria Marina the Zuruca's will by Outeiro

da Glória, World War II Soldier Monument, MAM, Santos
Dumont Airport, Flamengo Beach (optional stop for photos with the
Sugar Loaf in the background), Botafogo Bay in full view of the Corcovado and Sugar


Loaf (optional stop for photos with the Sugar Loaf and/or Corcovado in the background), Urca, Fort São João , Fort Lage, Fort of Santa Cruz, Praia de Fora Beach, Praia Vermelha Beach, Copacabana Beach, Arpoador Beach, Ipanema Beach, Isle of Cagarra, Isle of Palms, Long Island, Itaipu Beach (stop for snorkeling, lunch and / or tasting of oysters, shrimp, squid, fried or baked fish, etc. ...)**, Camboinhas Beach , Piratininga Beach , small Piratininga Beach and Return to Marina da Gloria.) Transfer to the hotel.
- Soundtrack exclusive.

Package for 4 passengers.

* Only from South and Donwtown to Marina da Glória (back and forth).
** The service lunch and tasting are not included in the package Private Class, being the responsibility of the bars at coast. However, passengers can taste aboard for convenience or get off the boat if they choose.


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